Our rotary club in Birtley, United Kingdom has been in existence since 2008. At present, we are waxing stronger in both membership growth and our progressive humanitarian community activities.

With our collective strength and purpose, we vehemently strive to make sure that every person within the Birtley community benefit from the positive impact we are creating on regular basis.

On daily basis, our members express their commitment, intelligence, and integrity into executing humanitarian community projects that have a long -lasting impact in the lives of the people.

No challenge is beyond our capacity as we are always in the forefront of bridging people of different backgrounds and different age groups, and then making concerted efforts in alleviating poverty and eliminating illiteracy, as well as promoting sanitation, good hygiene, providing portable water, and fighting diseases.

What We Do

Supporting Women and Children

We extend our focus in providing quality health care, education, sanitation, and feasible economic opportunities so that women and children can live healthy and productive lives. Our decision to provide assistance is premised on the fact that 46% of women worldwide are suffering from all sorts of violence. With this desperate need for help, we the members of Rotary club in Birtley are working tirelessly to curtail this trend and protect victims across several vulnerable societies across the world.

Supporting Quality Education

Our vision is to strengthen the capacity to acquire quality education and entrench literacy among young people of school age, lessen gender inequality in education, and enhance adult literacy.

One of our strategies in achieving this aim is by focusing on training and mentoring teachers in our community schools.

Fighting Diseases

We are deeply committed to fighting diseases such as measles, polio, and other communicable diseases, as well as enhancing easy access to quality health care to people in developing communities scattered across the world.

Our team of medical volunteers is professionally trained and are proudly kitted with our vests, going into every area in the community to administer medical treatment to people suffering some illness.

Providing Portable Water

As part of our commitment to promote a healthy living, we partner with relevant humanitarian bodies to provide portable water for our local community and others at large.

We understand that water is paramount for the survival and good health of humanity, that is why we prioritize the decision to make clean water available at all times. We ensure the water we provide is well treated, safe and always available for use.

Contributing to Growing Local Economies

Most of our projects and services are designed to encourage economic and community development, and provide wider opportunities for the young and old to be gainfully and productively engaged.

By issuing soft loans, effective mentorship, and offering business education, we have greatly assisted Birtley community entrepreneurs establish new businesses.