We are a humanitarian organization and nonprofit essentially. We retain the power to either decide or consider the acceptance of donations and support be it in cash or materials from donors both locally and internationally.

Irrespective of the donor’s location or if the gift is to be sent through another humanitarian group, acceptance of any gift whatsoever must be in line with our guidelines and policy established by the Board. This also includes the policy stated here which is subject to periodic change.

How we see our gifts

A gift can be described as a charitable transfer of properties or resources from an individual or an organization to a humanitarian organization.

  • Gifts can be in the form of cash, real estate, personal properties, or security.

  • Gifts offered cannot be reversed.

  • Gifts are offered with the intention of charity.

  • Gifts cannot be said to be complete except it is accepted by the humanitarian organization. We as a Rotary Club have the right to reject any offer or gift.

Gifts we accept

Medical supplies, computer systems, furniture, and other equipment that can aid the smooth operation of the Rotary Club are perfect descriptions of gifts presented in kind, which will still undergo a process of consideration by the club.

The Gift Acceptance Committee will use the following criteria to determine whether the gift will be accepted or not:

  • Whether the donor accepts and is able to sponsor the packaging, shipping, and other costs involved in the transfer of such gifts to the Club. The Club prefers that the said material gift be under the donor’s care until it the Club receives it.

  • Whether the material gift is useful to or can support the mission and vision of the Rotary Club.

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