Our rotary club in Birtley is deeply committed to serve the local community by conducting several activities and programs that will immensely benefit the Birtley community and the surrounding locations, and as well, contribute financially for some charity causes.

Our programs are purely designed to raise and develop the next generation of leaders, providing financial assistance to develop itching concerns of the Birtley community.

Our community programs include:


We as a Rotary club passionately contribute our expertise, skills, and resources to assisting and solving some pressing community issues. From providing quality formal education to providing portable water and healthcare, Rotary club in the Birtley community grants ensures that planned projects come to reality.

Community Corps Program

Our club consists of a group of people who share our values and vision in transforming societies through selfless service programs.

These community corps members in our Rotary club contribute to the planning and executing of community -based programs within our target communities and supporting other members who have great ideas.

By joining the community corps, you will be saddled with the task of creating impacts in the surrounding areas outside the Birtley community.

Social Events

Apart from the financial assistance and other humanitarian activities we engage in, we desire to have some fun and merriment among ourselves. We organize various social events throughout the year for our members, their families, and friends. We organize cinema visits, dinner outings, summer BBQs, as well as events we jointly hold with members of other rotary clubs around.

Service Exchange Program

In line with our drive to empower young people, we have a customized program for university students and young professionals who are up to the age of thirty. We assist those who meet these criteria to design service exchanges that are in line with their professional objectives, with a particular humanitarian service.

Christmas Merriments

Every year during Christmas, we hold several entertaining events, including the lighting of Christmas tree in the Birtley community arena, and our Santa go around town and some of the hamlets, giving children the opportunity to come see Santa.

Halloween Design

Birtley Rotary club members and some of their family members with friends come together to create the Halloween effect by decorating beautiful art works as part of the Carnival celebrations in November.

Meetings and Venue

Since establishment of the Birtley Rotary club, we have saddled ourselves with the solemn duty of organizing periodic meetings in which every member is present to discuss very pertinent issues.

We meet on Wednesdays at 6 pm at the town arena. There is always a guest speaker at each of our meetings who would talk about several motivating and exciting topics. Our Business Meetings holds every first Wednesday of each month.

We make concerted effort to effectively address local important issues in Birtley community, and other surrounding localities, and every year, we raise reasonable funds for the overall benefit of the Birtley community, and then throw our unalloyed support on projects that have far-reaching positive effects to both our local and extended spheres.

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