We call for support from well- meaning individuals, support groups, government agencies and corporate bodies so we can jointly fight this worthy cause. Supporting us means you are donating to distributing happiness across the world.

This means you are donating quality health and restoring hope to areas that were once ravaged by natural disaster and diseases like measles and malaria. It also means you are donating economic emancipation and economic development, as well as better opportunities to vulnerable populations. Your financial and material assistance will make this work.

Why You Should Support our rotary club in Birtley

Your support will be effective we pride ourselves on accountability and efficiency. We make boast to say that more than eighty percent of support given to us goes to humanitarian projects. The results have been speaking for themselves.

How We Utilize Donations

At our rotary club in Birtley community, we execute a wide variety of justifiable humanitarian services. Utilizing the financial and material support given to us will greatly help in eradicating the diseases ravaging this community. Your bountiful support and donations ensure there is available clean water, and also help to sustain local economies.

The Impact Your Donation Will Have

Supporting us in this worthy cause will help save lives. Women and children especially, can be prevented from suffering from communicable diseases including malaria, with just less than one dollar. In addition, our partners and sponsors make your donations and support have a far -reaching effect as they add extra to whatever you are supporting us with.

Get Involved

We invite you to come join our lovely team solution providers who see a community where people come together to change the course of event. Come and make the world happier.

Projects – our team of rotary members are always in the forefront of helping others on daily basis through a wide variety of projects and humanitarian services.

Partnerships – we believe we are stronger when we synergize and work together. We always seek for new groups to partner with in order to create lasting positive change.

Programs – we have rich programs designed to assist you in gaining wider experience and exposure, meet people from different professions, and contribute in creating an astounding impact in the Birtley community.